Small group relaxation plus massage

Small groups of five

Sitting or lying in relaxation poses

Hands on massage

Gentle stretch

Guided mindfulness

Trauma sensitive

Relaxation Massage Therapy

The goal here is to just relax and check out. Some additional ways we can accomplish this is with a table warmer, hot towels, or aromatherapy.  Drifting asleep in a zen like state with quiet music can also help you sleep better and relieve anxiety. Book now and I will get the table warm.

30 min/$40

60 min/$70

90 min/$100

Prenatal Massage Therapy

A calming massage can help relieve muscle aches of the changing body when expecting a baby. Clients report feeling a deeper connection to the growing baby and feeling calmer and more relaxed. 

60 min/$70

Oncology Massage Therapy

The aim is to alleviate pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety and depression.  A thorough medical history is taken along with medications and procedures to help me tailor the massage exactly to your needs. 

30 min/$40

60 min/$70

Couples Massage Therapy

Can be done in the same room or in separate rooms. Each person has their own massage with a massage therapist. Contact me directly for availability. Done in conjunction with Brian Fitzgerald, LMT.  Cannot be booked online but do call to set up an appointment.


60 min/$160 per couple


103 West Monroe

Bloomington, IL


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